Painting with Light…


The elements composing your image, the ones you choose to put in place in your photograph as building blocks, the arrangement of them, their placement , one to the others, are made visible by Light. Light is the raw material of your images. Your mastery will be to express your perception of what makes your environment, at the precise moment of the shoot, through the triggering of the shutter and the aperture of your lens !

To compense the unremitting sternness of your camera, you should spend some time on post-production. You’ll have the opportunity to generate emotional responses and exacerbate the human part of the photographic process : impulse guts in your images !

This 2 days workshop is aimed at photographers who want to enhance their vision, maximize their receptivity to natural Landscapes and use post-production to serve their artistry.

Cost : 400 €  / Attendee  ( Hosting & Catering Included )

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