Traveling In One’s Garden…


This Workshop is about observing and photographing the world around you. I’ll explain why there are all kinds of barriers to seeing and ways to demolish them. I’ll try to remove  your every day glasses that give you a functional view of every object that surrounds you. Instead, we will try to have a naked view on elements, seen as building blocks of visual design.

This road you use every day will rather be a Line that will structure draw and shape your image. This tree, on the right, have you ever seen it’s a linden tree ? Have you seen how it’s well balanced ? Its branches are so  majestic ! When fused in the mist, what a serene atmosphere !

We will break all the rules, we will deconstruct each preconceived idea to re-invent our perception of our every day world… At the end of the day, you will travel in a all brand-new environment …

A two days session in Normandy

Cost : 400 €  / Attendee  ( Hosting & Catering Included )

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