Silence, … And Everything becomes possible…


Last week-end, as I walked in the very early morning with my photo gear in a cold but promising foggy sunrise, I realized how impacting was the Silence in the creative process.

I was walking down along a quiet river… Not a soul moving in the landscape, nothing moving… except… me ! Although I tried to keep as silent as possible each of my footfall on the fall leaves, each of them was whispering like a contained soreness. I came to the the river bank and stopped… : Silence ! Deep and thick Silence ! It was meddling in every part of the landscape, pouring from all sides, cutting me off from the world, and yet, curiously, putting down my roots in this magical, out of time moment. I could hear my own breathing…

As in a muted movie, fog swirled down from the dawning sweet light, saturating everything with a thin coat of moisture, enshrouding me, weaving everything in the Silence.

These moments are totally exceptional. By these times, it’s as if you left your daily life, you forgot your problems, you reached another dimension… Nature seems so appealing in the Silence. No distractions. Just a million photograph opportunities waiting for… me !

I’m sure some of you have felt this sensation : I was afraid to break that soundlessness… I just felt entitled to move my eyes around. This bunch of trees over the calmness of the river : there’s a photograph. The warming pinkish light hitting the forest border : there’s another : in the Silence : every single view becomes an image opportunity.

I knew that, later, when the Silence would go, the possibilities would be harder for me to see. When the cacophony of life would return, it would be much more difficult to focus, to separate the signal from the noise.

The way we live is all but reasonable. Much of our time is spent in a competitive, scarcity mindset… you know what I mean : law of jungle, eat or be eaten, my win is your loss, second place is the first loser ! Whoa ! What a very depressing way to look at life !… Beeing by myself, lost in Nature, drowned in Silence, this is not what I perceived. Here, elements show me incredible Beauty and numerous possibilities. Never, a landscape stood right ahead of me and declared : Hey You ! Stop here, one photographer has already captured this exceptional mood, the rest of you will be hopeless losers ! No sure ! Nature calls for admirers, the more, the better…And never do I hear that message more clearly than in the Silence.

Last Saturday, I answered this Nature’s call. Almost anywhere I pointed my camera, there were photographs everywhere. I shot for more than two hours before I heard the first sounds of people stirring in the village up the road. Human life was re-begining… I put my camera down and closed my eyes, allowing myself to feel the Silence one last time, and thanked Nature for this delicious moment , winking my eye and thinking : Bye Very Dear, … and See You tomorrow morning, … Lady Nature !

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