Knowing the Rules to disrupt them…


As any other craft, Photography get its own rules… Because the process was resulting from very interlaced physical and chemical precepts, any step away from the guidelines was condemned to failure.  Years ago, the Creativity range had to find its way through a very narrow path, relying first on content rather than execution.

With the Digital Age, »Licence to Try… » became available for all of us. Causing Under-exposures on purpose, blurred images or moved subjects is not a deal and ways to express our own Creativity has been vastly augmented. Nevertheless, Licence to Try is not Licence to produce Crap !! The Digital Era is still driven by the same rules… Sure the path is wider, the process is certainly less constricting, but, at the end of the day, Requirements are the same… Composition, Exposure, Balance and more than ever : Message !

However, a way to express our Creativity Identity may be to walk on the border line… Here is a tip : Check your own work against any list of tips for better photographs and note how your work-approach differs… then, think if it’s a recurrent attitude, conscious or not, and ask yourself if this precise behavior is part of your signature or is it just a bad habit ?

Anytime you’re proud of an image, ask yourself what is it about ? What are the components, what is the recipe ? Deconstruct the image and try to understand why this image speaks to you. What does it say ? Is the Message built on the disrupting of a Rule ? If it is, then the question is to analyze if this disruption is reproductible and will this disruption will cause the same emotional result ? Is there a similar theme that runs through all of your work ? This theme, striclty identified or not, could be your brand-sign, your DNA. But, there is a rule in breaking the rules !! You should never be a bad guy… Breaking the rules has to be a sincere heart behavior ! When looking at your Photographs, yous hould be able to say : « This is exactly what I saw !…, what I felt… I didn’t manipulate it ! And what you are seeing on this photograph is the exact replication of what I had in my heart. Your piece of Art should be a piece of your Heart ! It should show what it was that you were feeling, what you were seeing in your own mind’s eye, not necessarily what was there in reality !

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