Be Honest with your Exigencies…


Investigating the world through a viewfinder frame encourages a greater appreciation of the things that surrounds us. It learns our creativity to play around, to shape and build a self-interpretated scenery . As you learn Photography, the moods and emotions that photographs can evoke through tonality and contrast will be a fantastic lever to impulse your own personality in your work. By creating a more meaningful work, you will find a greater focus and develop a stronger voice, an ability to build a signature. Think of each and every image you create as a milestone in your global work.Your photographs are bricks of a what could be « Your Style… ».

Of course, anyone can draw his or her own set of designs and rules. For your work to be stronger and more satisfying to create, be sure you serve your exigencies, never tolerate any step away in your qualities requirements… Be honest with yourself. If you have trouble defining specific subjects or themes that really titillate your creativity, be opened to other photographers’s work and try to make a list of the images that speak to you. Then take a moment to honestly reflect on why you feel something in front of each image. Ask yourself what was the subject matter and take it as your own next challenge. Go on the field and do it your own way… Pick apart each candidate subject, thinking of ways to capture images that serve this Subject Matter and tell Your Story  with Your Words… then thnk through each image you’ve pre visualized in the storyboard and determined what conditions would need to be present, what preparations would need to make that image the best it can be… Then  your Photographer skills will rise up !

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