The Colours Of Chloé…


As many photographers, the way I perceive what’s around me is strongly influenced by the Music I listen to. This morning, I was hiking in the freshly plowed fields with Eberhard Weber as a companion for my walk. This Jazz Musician is a very long date mate when walking alone in Nature. I saw this Tree bunch against this deep blue sky of very early Spring… Immediately,  I had to try to put in « words » the instinctive feelings I had about this landscape. It was a blurry remembrance of paintings of John Crome, an english landscape painter who lived during the end of the 18th century. To stick to the cliché, we could imagine a hunting dog pack with horses riding elegant women and a victorian white affluent abode in the background… but, up to me, this landscape deserves nothing else. It looked exactly as this. It has fallen straight into my lap as it is !

I felt there was something about calmness and serenity which needed to emerge in a photograph of it. In making the photograph, I used all the necessary technical skills – slightly underexposing, darkening the upper part of the sky with a very light graduated neutral density filter.

A band of sunlight moved across, far away in the scene. I had, before me, the choice of where to place it in the landscape. I liked the idea to have this dark stripe in the foreground with this plowed ground which adds to the birthing Spring colour density and place the moment in a early Spring Sunday.

Eberhard Weber is bassist at ECM Records

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