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All is about balance ! The image manipulation often happens by subtraction, just getting rid of as much information as possible : focus on the core meaning of the Subject Matter. Manipulation is not so much to trick you into thinking this is something that it’s not, but manipulation to get at the very basic structure of the scene. It goes to the very simple heart of it !

As a landscape Photographer, I love beeing in Nature. I could just sit on a stone and listen to the wind, to the birds, to the sea during long minutes. Just sit there. These Moments are disconnected from my every day life. I leave my problems at home, so do I with my projects, my professional life, my family and everything else… Just sit there and listen, see, smell… There is no thought, no stress… Then I’ll take out my camera and look at the scene… I’ evaluate the weight of every component in the scene, what could be its place in the my frame.. what this component adds to the Subject Matter ? Once again, the question is : What’s the image ? What is it all about ? I may or may not shoot. Just showing up at a scene, seeing what you see, feel the mood through your viewfinder and call your heart to analyze your perceptions : Working that Moment…

This Workshop dedicated to Composition will deconstruct the process of Seeing. You will learn how to listen to your senses and to feel what your surroundings evoke to your mind. Then, you will try to freeze these moments in your camera using all the photographic tools and I’ll teach you the way to select and transmit one only message via your image.

Level : Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging – Catering included ).

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