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Broadly speaking, Photographers tend to approach their subject matter in one of two ways : Either with the intention of making realistic, documentary images or with a view to creating impressions. Many Nature Photographers make use of both approaches, sometimes simultaneously.  When your main objective is to record a natural object, situation or relationship as accurately as you possibly can, you will want to observe both the overall subject matter and its details very carefully… only then, you’ll be able to ask yourself relevant questions and make decisions about composition and all parameters to build your image.

On the other hand, if your goal is to get the mood of the moment, your questions should aim yourself, getting the feelings the elements you perceive, from your surroundings, impact your own mood but, and that is the point, how your own being will analyze, then, reshape your surroundings. Doing that, there are a lot of chances the image you will make will not look like the one your neighbor will do !

The iconic Nature Photographers have this talent to mix both approaches : Frans Lanting, Jim Brandenburg, David Muench, Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward, Patrick Desgraupes… More on the « Impression Border« , I’ll keep the fantastic Tony Sweet, Michael Orton…

I’ll put this image in this last category without having the pretention to belong to these photographers circle, for sure !

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