The Creative Process…


There are places where I need to spend some time, relax and breathe, get the essence of the area, wander around, connect, sit down, and then… Photograph ! I need to get infused before I can express the soul of the place. Sometimes, it can takes time… I’ll frame once, twice and I’ll walk ten or twelve steps away to think of the Subject Matter. Back to the viewfinder to check the composition… Is this the Image I see ? Is this my perception of this scenery ? Sometimes I will find it at once, some others, I’ll have to move around, lever my tripod, reframe a bit on the right,  hesitate, rethink… If I listen to music while making images, rhythm will help, more than that, rhythm will drive the creative process by injecting energy and, as a result, impulsing the global mood of the image.

I like to drive my ATV with no precise direction… Wander around using small ways in the fields, visiting anonymous natural and wild places which become a creative playground where I can express my personal response to the landscapes I’ll encounter.  I like to find places where photographic opportunities are not easy or straightforward, where images do not jump out. My goal is to express, to communicate to say something in my photography and concentrate on connecting with the place, listen to the site’s voice.

I’m always alone when making photographs, but I’m sure if I were with another photographer, our images would be totally different. The « guts » you put in your images are your personal footprint and it should be as unique as a DNA signature. A good Photographer, say, an Artist photographer, will bring not only a piece of Nature to the people, but an emotive, touching and personal view of it, conveying emotions, speaking a universal language to touch the sensitive fiber of people…

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