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Great Photographers have always talked about how they see and how they train themselves to see like the camera sees ! It’s not as easy as it sounds ! The more attuned you are to how your camera responds to these fundamental elements, the better a Photographer you will be ! As a Creative guy, you should be able to « preview » the image you are composing, knowing perfectly what will be the « fact-bits » of the capture and, sure, what you’ll have to enhance , to expound, to make burst out during the post-prod phase.

Has anyone ever looked at one of your images and asks : « Is that the way it really looked ?! » The truth is, great Photographers understand that’s impossible to duplicate human vision with a camera and plan their images accordingly without feeling frustrated by the inability to duplicate the color, contrast or depth their eyes see. Even today, with our very sophisticated digital cameras, full of very high-tech features, fundamental reality hasn’t changed : A camera « sees » the world differently than we do. Rather than problems to overcome, the differences provide opportunities to be creative ! Why not taking advantage of these gaps ? Once again, our first mission, as Nature Photographers is to express the emotional response we do have when « connecting » with the « Subject Matter« . We have to convey colors, tones, shapes, contrast and depth in our own compelling way and our camera, our so precious tool, with all its qualities and weakness contributes to put our « guts » on the table.

In this Workshop, I’ll teach you to understand the way your camera »sees », we will outstrip its limitations and we will see how we can take benefit of some binds to give Creativity a better place in your Photographer Work.

Level : Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging – Catering included ).

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