Make Truth Your Own Truth…


Let’s be cautious ! Whilst the Camera cannot lie, « Tt  cannot help being selective ! »  No matter how objective the image appears to be we are always as selective with our interpretations of photographs as we are with the choice of view. When I made this image, I had in mind to convey this dreamy mood as a stylistic conceit. A photograph is – in the sense that « we believe in it« , that we « have faith in it » – little different from direct perception of reality through our own eyes. « 

The « Camera never lies » is an extention of this historical notion  reflecting the popular belief that the evidence presented in a photograph is actually the unequivocal truth. The selection performed by the photographer  collapses all the possible views of a subject into a single view that conforms to human vision. In this way, it fools viewers into thinking that this might have been their perception had they been standing there !… but, keep in mind your perception of the subject has largely been imposed by the photographer yet you feel that it is still your own !

In A serie of Workshops dedicated to Nature Photography, I’ll teach you why, for a long time, Photography’s objectivity was cited as a barrier to it becoming an Art. We will browse main Nature Photographers Work and we will see, how, step by step, Creativity appeared in this discipline. We will go « In the fields… » with specific assignments to evaluate the way, each of us, filter, select and retranscript what is, finally, our specific Truth…

Level : Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging – Catering included ).

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