Objectivity and Creativity…


In the making of any Photograph, the Photographer intervenes on numerous occasions to make subjective decisions. The camera is a conduit for the image, a connection between « External Reality » and the photosites, the sensor. In a process controlled by the Photographer’s mind and mediated by the technical limitations of the equipment at hand. A photograph is objective only as far as the light entering the lens has faithfully delineated a representation of the view in front of the camera.  In all other respects it is subjective; the choice of viewpoint, framing and composition, lens, filtration, ISO and moment are all essential subjective decisions which determine how the Photograph will look… The interpretation by the viewer is, by definition, subjective !

There can be no objectivity beyond the gathering and rendering of light because there is no universal definition or measurement applicable to the making or viewing of a Photograph. There can, therefore, be no such thing as the « Best Picture » ! Like Cooking, Photography is a matter of taste, a matter of relative, not absolute Value.

In A serie of Workshops dedicated to Nature Photography, I’ll teach you why, for a long time, Photography’s objectivity was cited as a barrier to it becoming an Art. We will browse main Nature Photographers Work and we will see, how, step by step, Creativity appeared in this discipline. We will go « In the fields… » with specific assignments to evaluate the way, each of us, filter, select and retranscript what is, finally, our specific Truth…

Level : Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging – Catering included ).

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