Early Morning…


When composing an Image, I’m always wondering what’s the Subject Matter and how can I reinforce the message. For instance, in this picture of trees barely glimpsed through morning mists may provide little factual information about either the trees or the mists, yet give an accurate sense of atmospheric and weather conditions, and an overall feeling of the scene. When interpreting Nature, you can act on every parameter you have at hand as a Photographer to convey the sense of the mood you have in front of the scene. By emphasizing a mood, feeling or natural design by the selection of the viewpoint, the components you frame in your image, you incorporate your own interpretation in the landscape. In this watercolors-like Photograph, I wanted to convey a sense of great space and calm, quietude, harmony and serenity. By over-exposing the image and blurring a bit my capture, I tried to freeze this impression in this the resulting image.

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