Spring… Tranquil Violence !


The Air through which we shoot has a profound impact on the look and mood of an image.  try to leave your camera on the very exact same spot, at the same time of day with identical focal-length settings, and you’ll get two entirely different photographs depending on wether tha air was hazy, misty or crystal clear. If you follow my work, you know how often I make pictures in misty atmospherics because I usually go in the fields very early in the morning, and most of the time, I encounter haze or fog remaining from the night. You should know you can be particularly rewarded with moody and unique images in these dreamy sceneries ! In such situations, keep in mind there are some basic points to follow : a tripod is your best friend ! Actually a tripod is ALWAYS your best friend put especially in atmospheric imagery because you want to be able to shoot at low ISO to avoid noise and preserve color.

Early in the morning, light is low, you’ll frequently need to use a shutter speed that would be perilously low if you’re handholding. And… As far as I am concerned, Another reason for using the tripod is that it allows you to be patient : I mean : Atmospheric conditions can change very quickly when you’re shooting in fog and mist… Sometimes, you will have to wait minutes if not hours to retrieve the exact mood you are looking for ! If you framed your image precisely, using a tripod will liberate you during this waiting … Shooting through fog and mist is, in essence, shooting into a softening filter ! The minuscule droplets of water rob the scene of saturation and contrast : This creates the very effect that we are looking for when it comes to creating a moody Photograph ! Use a low ISO setting, and watch your exposure carefully : the camera has a tendency to darken the scene because it’s looking at a canvas of white and the meter wants that white to be middle gray ( 18% ). shoot in RAW to give yourself maximum flexibility in post processing !

In this image, we are precisely in the opposite conditions ! Air was crystal clear and the sunlight, very specific in Spring in this Normandy Area was oversaturating colors and elevating contrast significantly ! Moreover, Meadows and rapeseed against a deep blue sky contribute in bursting this Nature scenery.

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