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A Photographer controls color by both selection and technique. For example, you can add, change or eliminate colors by altering your camera position, by varying the time of the day, by extending or reducing the duration of exposure, and by using filters or computer or darkroom manipulation. You can diffuse, mix, or soften colors by throwing them out of focus and/or by using a shallow depth of field. You can also control color by where you locate it in the picture and how you vary the size of the hue areas.

First, ask yourself, « Why am I making this Picture ? », when you have identified the reason, let’s say, the strength of Spring in Nature,  you will be able to make sensible judgments about colour. So, you try to choose Subject Matter that expresses the theme by its colour ! Now, you must ask yourself questions about the placement and size of these colours. « Where do I place this blooming tree within the picture space ? » –  » How large or small should it be in relation to the others components in the frame ? ». The answers will not be based solely on colour relationships. The shape of this precise tree  and the tones of its leaves must also be considered. The colour pattern will express your theme that Spring’s strength is unstoppable.

Focus, DOF and lighting will also influence the colour rendition and contribute to the way we perceive the completed image. By emphasizing the focus on the bushes and the blooms in the tree, I reinforce the feeling of a rebirth for Nature, and by the way, drive people’s eyes directly on my message in this image.

There is no ‘correct » way to render the colors in this photograph, as in any other ! But, some ways will lead to moere effective expression than others. let your technique be determined by what needs to be expressed rather than by technical goals  such as a search for colour harmony. Seek to balance the elements. Keep the theme or subject of your Photograph clearly in Mind, and try to use color to support the message.

This Workshop dedicated to Composition will deconstruct the process of Seeing. You will learn how to listen to your senses and to feel what your surroundings evoke to your mind. We will analyze the weight of Colour in your compositions and we will learn how to maximise its role in the resulting image.

Level : Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging – Catering included ).

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