Frisking the Viewfinder…


As a Photographer, You must examine your image carefully through the viewfinder in order to preview what the camera will record. You must be sensitive to any elements that will not be recorded as the eye perceives them. Then you can consider wether or not they need to be corrected and, if they do, how to go about doing it !

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of careful previewing, even with digital cameras, if you are concerned about good design in your Photographs. Keep in mind you see subjectively but the lens is objective. it doesn’t  pick and choose what is important, but shows everything in its field of view. Getting things right before you press the shutter release usually makes far more sense than trying to correct them later. I really insist on the fact you should read your viewfinder as a page and evaluating, weighing each element in the frame.

Sometimes, by moving one or two steps aside, you’ll change the global balance of your image. This is what we call « Composition ». Identifying what to keep and what to reject, where to place the components. As I observed this butte far away,  I experienced a great surge of emotional response that stimulates me creatively.

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