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« Less is More… » this famous and pithy line by Robert Browning, seems to apply to so many aspects of Art. For me, it expresses how rich nuances of form can arise from a single  line across an extent of sand or how a simple melody can evoke deep emotions. It also conveys how the very best artists in any field can make complex things that they do appear incredibly simple. Simplicity, clarity and economy of line are things that I strive for in my own work. Experience has taught me that my most graphic images – those with the least in them – are often my most powerful – : They say the most !

We all are aware of how difficult it is to achieve simplicity  in a Photograph but it is obvious to me that there is much more to admire in simplicity than just how tricky it is to accomplish.

I’d like to explain quite why Landscape Photographers might value Simplicity so much and to explain how striving for it may add something to your images :

One of the principal differences between painting and Photography is that the former is an additive process whereas the latter is subtractive. Painting moves from a blank canvas, the archetypal ultimate simplicity toward complexity whereas Photography moves from the ultimate complexity : the world around us – towards simplicity.

The painter has the perennial  temptation of adding just one more brush stroke : The trick is knowing when to stop adding, when to abandon the work –  The skill of a Photographer resides in her decision to stop excluding : In Photography the image simply writes itself in unbelievable detail : the challenge is not how to delineate form but how to extract it from apparent chaos and how to avoid drowning in detail.

The perennial difficulty for the Photographer is the intricate process of separating the essential from the anecdotic.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you to evaluate each and every pattern, weighing each component in the frame and  take the decision to keep or exclude the elements on order to convey the maximum emotion, reinforce the message.

We will see how a change in camera position might have effects on your image. Stepping to the right or to the left, moving closer or move a step backward can impact the message you want to transmit. Reading carefully your viewfinder is a crucial process when making your image. Too often photographers act as if their tripod had grown roots. they see a possible subject and stop in their tracks, never considering what might happen if they moved the camera to the left or right, up or down, forward or back. Learning To see is of paramount importance in the creative process.

This workshop ‘s goal is to help you perceive the subject matter in your surrounding world… I will help you to simplify your images, eliminate distracting elements and concentrate the message, distilling each and every piece of information to contribute to reinforce the subject matter, to tell the story in simple and direct words.

Difficulty: Beginners – Intermediates

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging and Catering included ).

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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci

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