The Photographer’s Voice


Photographs are necessarily always of the world but if we want to move beyond illustration, they must evoke emotional responses that are not bound to a particular place. A famous place is weighed down with unavoidable and often unwanted connotations. In an anonymous place the photographer is more likely to be free of the unwanted connotations that arise from images of iconic locations. There is no wager, no competition to win except conveying a strong message. When we, Photographers , go to dreamed remote locations, we have in mind all that have been done before by famous Masters, we can never completely escape from their footprints. Then making images become a challenge… but the apparent immutability of these hotspots gives some photographers the false hope that they might repeat, or even better, a famous image made at a particular location. However, a landscape photograph draws its power in part from the unstable and dynamic relationship between the fall of light and the solid geography. This relationship makes it very difficult to create the same image on two separate occasions.

We should keep in mind a great photograph is an image who expounds an emotion which is, by definition, a personal mood : It is what we call the Photographer’s Voice.Photographers should strive for their own voice, strive to say something genuinely different and strictly intimate rather than repeating the composition of another, repeating, doing so, what has already been « said ».

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