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We have to recognize that, in any given situation, there can be many ways to see the Landscape, and while sifting this information through our minds, we must decide on a plan of action to best portray our impression, its effect on us, the prevalent mood we are experiencing. A single word can sometimes describe what we are seeing, though we may neglect to identify it. Soft, tenacious, isolated, nostalgic, expansive, peaceful, rhythmic, pristine, powerful, diminutive, minimalist, triumphant, joyous, delicate, oneiric and challenged are just a few. Our inner conversation ensues : I recognize these visual qualities, and sensing this theme, mood or impression, will select and emphasize it with my photographic choices in terms of technical process  Shutterspeed, Aperture, Deth of Field , ISO choice etc..

Consciously or not,  we engage in this conversation every time we make a photograph. The difference between being noncreative and being creative lies in photographing a tree rather then its translucence and merely documenting its form rather than elevating its celebratory qualities, its triumph. Getting the essence of an atmosphere is one of the most important talent a photographer should have. Typically, we should make our photographic choices in a predictable sequence : we compose our image, choosing the elements we wish to include in the photograph to convey this primal atmosphere, select the D.O.F. through selecting an Aperture, and select our exposure, choosing a shutter speed for under/over or correct exposure of our image. These three decisions are just the beginning : when the right decisons are taken, they warrant the seeds are ‘in… ». But we should keep in mind our brain does not work as our sensor does. We are capable of abstraction and interpretation what our high-end camera is not ! To portray the impression we feel, we’ll certainly have to edit the RAW data to extirpate the « sprouted seeds » and let them express themselves.

We are constantly surrounded with raw visual material, and the way we choose to shape them is our prerogative. Tools and techniques are only decision to express ideas through, and, as such, I use any approach I can get my hands on and mind around.

I’ll animate a workshop around mastering Tools and Techniques to serve your Creativity, to convey the deep insight you get when making a photograph. This 2 days Workshop will cover the capture process and the editing phase. Assigmnents will be given to attendees while I’ll coach them to help them taking the right decisions.

Level : Intermediate – Advanced

Cost per Attendee : 400 €  ( Lodging and Catering included.)

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