Assignment # 2 : Let your Emotion Talk…


On this specific rule, the best way to evaluate your footprint when composing your image is to take benefit of a workshop.  Ask the attendees to make their own image of what they see. Do not impose the subject matter nor the standpoint, let them react to what they perceive. The only common parameters will be the site and the precise moment for the shoot.

Let them apply their own composition, exposure and post-prod… Then compare !  The idea is not to make a ranking among all the photographs but to identify what are the levers you have chosen to operate to emphasize such or such specific aspect of the scene… The sum of them all should be recurrent if you multiply the exercise and should build your own personality :  your style…

This style may be ignored even by yourself… The goal is to listen to your heart and let it shout… Then… getting better will consist in mastering the tools that will transcribe your emotions into images.

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