Assignment #6 : Always Have a Fresh Look, Even On Things You See Everyday !


Have you ever thought why you make better images when you’re away from Home ? Why do you want to go to Alaska, Patagonia or Colorado for a Photography Experience rather than in the fields behind your house ? These fields Alaskan People dream to visit to make great pictures themselves !!

The reason is simple : You have lost your candid look to what surrounds you in your every day life. When you see the road that leads to your office, you perceive it as a convenience you practice every day. But you do not look at it ! If there is something unusual on it, a splashed hedgehog by instance, yes, you will get the message and try to analyze what your eyes will push to your attention, but in a normal routine, your brain is devoted to thousands of things you have to manage for your business, your domestic life… And that’s normal ! If you push this logic a few steps further, then when you see a tree, even in an area you don’t know, your brain informs you it’s a tree… and… finally, a tree is a tree… Right ? If there are cherries on it, it becomes a high potential interest, if not.. it does not change your life … Right ?

When you go hiking for a Photography session, leave you functional eyes on the coat rack and fit your toddler eyes ! Forget everything that fill up your business life, your worries, your invoices, the train departure tomorrow morning at 7:00, your daughter exams… Just leave the package on the living room table and prepare yourself for contemplation… You may need music to flood your head to facilitate the process…

I have been hundreds and hundreds of time on this beach located near my house in Normandy where I animate my workshops. I have photographed this pier times and times… All the photographs are so different ! Each time I see it, it’s as if it were the first time… I willingly forget all the images I have already done and I broach it as a brand new subject matter at each session… My Alaska is just a few miles away… Hurry up friend ! Go and visit yours !…

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