Assignment # 7 : Nature is the Substrate… You model it by Lighting and Composition


Nature is an ever changing theatre. Such or such area can be a no interest site most of the time and, suddenly, become a tremendous spot because of a specific light, a combination of  ephemeral colors or peculiar atmospheric conditions. As a Photographer, you should be aware of all these « out-of-the-range » conditions ! When a storm is about to burst, chances you capture great images are significant. By being there at the right place at the right moment you will multiply the opportunities. Try to identify all these places with some kind of potential in your vicinity.  Frame them in your mind : Be prepared !

Charlie Waite, a sublime Landscape Photographer uses a piece of cardboard with a hole in its center, sized as a viewfinder, to « isolate » the « Nature Piece » that will make the image.  This is a great way to learn composition. By selecting what you place in the empty rectangle is the way you model Nature, the way you build your perception of It.  Seasons will shuffle the cards :  Colors, shapes and volumes are modified… A perfect composition in spring can be fully unbalanced in winter… And that’s great ! Our material is an endless source of Creativity !

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