Beware of the « Grand Vista Syndrome »…


When we encounter a wild scene with obvious visual appeal, the first decision to make is what stays and what goes ! Compositional choices might be limited by features such as fence lines or utility poles, but in the absence of these, main question is :  » What is relevant to  the story and what is not ? » I find that in these situations, it helps to start off by thinking small. Begin by identifying one of those elements that caught your attention in the first place. In this Photograph, I was caught by this line of red trees against the deep green of the meadows.

Then, Can those elements be linked to other elements that are relevant to the picture’s theme ? One at a time, these components are incorporated into the composition, until the inclusion of anything else threatens to reduce the impact of the core topics. Though these compositions may not be on the Grand Scale of the « Yosemite Vista » you certainly have in mind,  they can be just as valuable as records of Wildness.

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