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We have to recognize that, in any given situation, there can be many ways to see the Landscape, and while sifting this information through our minds, we must decide on a plan of action to best portray our impression, its effect on us, the prevalent mood we are experiencing. A single word can sometimes describe what we are seeing, though we may neglect to identify it. Soft, tenacious, isolated, nostalgic, expansive, peaceful, rhythmic, pristine, powerful, diminutive, minimalist, triumphant, joyous, delicate, oneiric and challenged are just a few. Our inner conversation ensues : I recognize these visual qualities, and sensing this theme, mood or impression, will select and emphasize it with my photographic choices in terms of technical process  Shutterspeed, Aperture, Deth of Field , ISO choice etc..

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Make Truth Your Own Truth…


Let’s be cautious ! Whilst the Camera cannot lie, « Tt  cannot help being selective ! »  No matter how objective the image appears to be we are always as selective with our interpretations of photographs as we are with the choice of view. When I made this image, I had in mind to convey this dreamy mood as a stylistic conceit. A photograph is – in the sense that « we believe in it« , that we « have faith in it » – little different from direct perception of reality through our own eyes. « 

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Workshop : The Way Your Camera Sees…


Great Photographers have always talked about how they see and how they train themselves to see like the camera sees ! It’s not as easy as it sounds ! The more attuned you are to how your camera responds to these fundamental elements, the better a Photographer you will be ! As a Creative guy, you should be able to « preview » the image you are composing, knowing perfectly what will be the « fact-bits » of the capture and, sure, what you’ll have to enhance , to expound, to make burst out during the post-prod phase.

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Academic Portraiture…


Le Workshop « Academic Portraiture… » s’articulera autour de 3 axes  :

  1. Les Préliminaires :
    1. Gestion de l’espace
    2. MakeUp
    3. Choix de l’éclairage
  2. Prise de Vue
    1. Choix d’une optique
    2. Le Tethering
    3. L’importance du fond
  3. Retouche
    1. Identifier les Keepers
    2. Retouche
    3. Finalisation

Le première partie sera consacrée à la prise de vue en studio. Elle se déroulera sur une demi-journée en présence d’un modèle et d’une M.U.A.

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Enhance your Images via Compositing…


Un Workshop spécial Compositing sous Photoshop. En comprenant comment utiliser les Blending Modes sous Photoshop, vous apprendrez comment ajouter des matières, de la structure et du touché à vos images.

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Mastering Viveza 2


Un Workshop dédié à l’utilisation et la maîtrise  du merveilleux Plug-In de Nik Software/Google : Viveza 2.

Les participants de tous niveaux pourront constater à quel point l’utilisation de cet outil comme complément à Photoshop, Aperture ou Lightroom, facilite le travail de retouche. En éliminant toutes les difficultés liées aux sélections-cibles, Viveza fait gagner un temps considérable dans la correction des images.

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