Objectivity and Creativity…


In the making of any Photograph, the Photographer intervenes on numerous occasions to make subjective decisions. The camera is a conduit for the image, a connection between « External Reality » and the photosites, the sensor. In a process controlled by the Photographer’s mind and mediated by the technical limitations of the equipment at hand. A photograph is objective only as far as the light entering the lens has faithfully delineated a representation of the view in front of the camera.  In all other respects it is subjective; the choice of viewpoint, framing and composition, lens, filtration, ISO and moment are all essential subjective decisions which determine how the Photograph will look… The interpretation by the viewer is, by definition, subjective !

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Make Truth Your Own Truth…


Let’s be cautious ! Whilst the Camera cannot lie, « Tt  cannot help being selective ! »  No matter how objective the image appears to be we are always as selective with our interpretations of photographs as we are with the choice of view. When I made this image, I had in mind to convey this dreamy mood as a stylistic conceit. A photograph is – in the sense that « we believe in it« , that we « have faith in it » – little different from direct perception of reality through our own eyes. « 

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